Friday, November 23, 2012

Remember me?

Hello :)

Ah... where I should start? Almost a year without writing anything. this is soo awkward haha
Some of my favorite blogger stop writing. well... not sure either they still continue blogging somewhere else. Nampak sangat I ketinggalan huhu

Anyway... Damia is five now. She just lost her 2 bottom front teeth. The first one on 6th, when she coming back from school buntat saw it bleeding and just pull it off. Luckily it easy to pull out and she didn't cried. Too excited to kept it under her pillow for tooth fairy exchanged it with some candy lol Today we visited a dentist because her gum keep bleeding when brushing and the second tooth already loose. This is her first visit, well not smooth as I thought it would be -_- It takes longer to do checkup cause she's not sitting still. The gums bleed due to lack of brushing. Bacteria dah infected. That's why gosok je darah. It's not actually hurt when the teeth bleed just keep on brush gently. Then, remove the loose tooth. It was quickly done. Phew~ tade drama meronta-ronta :) I give her bravo hugs and treat her with ice-cream. Nanti balik kita gosok gigi ok :) She's ok when I asked her whether she wants to go to the dentist again. that's my girl :) At least tau dia tak trauma. Ahh.. forgot to take back her tooth. Planning to do keepsake for her. I guess just keeping one first tooth is enough :)

So this is the end of my post. First post of 2012... keke